7.5kW Solar System - Yorba Linda, California

10kW Solar  System - Corona, California

To provide:    Leadership, Responsibility & Trust
To manage the design, development and construction of complex renewable energy system to maximize financial paybacks. We will outline unique commercial solar financing options and deliver the greatest possible return on investment. With our teams combined experience of more than 20 years of commercial solar and utility knowledge we can handle all aspects of residential and large commercial solar power installations including capital, technology, design and engineering, installation, real-time monitoring, operations and maintenance.

Sunlite Energy - Primex SEMC Constructors is a California general building and electrical construction company formed on November 2009. Established to provide professional engineering design, technical services, trade and equipment supplies, it recently appended operations and resources into participating in the California Solar Initiative (CSI) program. Sunlite Energy - Primex SEMC Constructors' mission is to primarily educate and offer homeowners and client partnerships on clean, affordable renewable solar energy system, to be used to their full benefit, provide the engineering, technical support and project financial strategies on government grants. Sunlite Energy - Primex SEMC Constructors also provide a full design and build package including equipment procurement, installation, warranty, maintenance, and system monitoring.

12kW Solar System - Ventura, California

PV System Monitoring Platform